Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A birthday do....for Liza Loo!

Today is my daughter's best friend's birthday! If you are a regular follower you will recognize her cute face! If not you can see her here...here...and now here! Today she Turns 8. So I would like to wish her a Happy 8th Birthday! My daughter slept over at her house and got to attend her birthday party and now today a couple of the girls get to go to a fun place called Kangaroo Zoo! I am so glad they are friends. You know how you don't always like your kids friends? Well I actually LOVE Lizzie:) So I feel lucky that they are friends!

She had her family party and I asked her mom ( and my good friend Dawn) if I could do her hair! I gave Lizzie a few choices and this is what she picked!

I started out by making a part from one ear to the other and pulling the hair forward.
Then I slipped the headband over the part. (see my other hairdo similar to this one)

I took a section of hair from both sides of the headband and pulled it up over the headband.
Then I took that piece of hair and tied it into a knot.

Next I clipped it down and out of the way with a barrette.
I did one more on the left and 2 more off to the right side.
After I took the barrettes out I hooked them all together in the back with an elastic.
I curled the hair out and tied a ribbon around the elastic.
Top View
Better View of the front
Side View
And of course...last but not least a front view. Happy Birthday you beautiful girl you! Hope all of your birthday Wishes come true.


Zajcha - Herbie Hair said...

As always, I love that do! Happy Birthday to her. Your hair ideas are so beatiful, yet creative and simple. How d'ya do it!

Zajcha - Herbie Hair said...

Also, I'd just like to ask a question. I was looking at your last post about Princess Jeweliana and although you said that your Daughters hair isn't as thick and long as in the movie it sure looks it. Could you please tell me how you get your Daughters hair so shiny? I've tried lots of products and they've improved my hair from looking lifeless but I really want more shiny. I'm looking at different shampoos and conditioners. Is there any products you could reccommend to me? And lastly THANK YOU SO MUCH for explaining how to like add the link into the name, I can't beleive I hadn't already worked that out! Hehe, have a great day!

Deborah said...

I don't have kids yet. But if I ever have a girl...I'm certainly going to use your blog as a reference site. You are so creative. And whether you're styling your daughter or her friends it looks sooo good! Just like how a little girl should be. Brilliant!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

You are a dream mommy for any little girl!

Popping in from SITS to say Good Morning.

Susan Crabtree said...

so cute! we have 2 great boys but this makes me want to have a girl!
(found you from SITS)

Anonymous said...

What a creative style.

Happy birthday to Lizzie!

Brandie said...

Too cute!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh how precious is she!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kindness. You're always welcome anytime!

Have a blessed day.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

What a pretty daughter and a pretty hairdo.

You are way more talented than I am! Plus, my daughter hates to have her hair brushed. How do you do it all the time??? The hair-brushing usually causes many tears and screaming on both of our parts. ha ha

Emalee said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for stopping by my blog and those hairdo are AMAZING!!!

Ms. Wanda said...

Hi there:) Thanks for dropping in on me! OMG you had me cracking up!!!

I love the hair style and Happy Birthday Lizzie!! Her hair is fabulous!

Genny said...

That is just darling!

AB HOME Interiors said...

It always amazes me what you can do. Your daughter must feel like a rockstar!!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

Oh man that is so cool. And very cute on her too. Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa Anne said...

I love the last picture, her pose hand up on the tree and all. the hair looks great as always!!

Lisa said...

so cute!! I have no idea how you make those knots hold like that though. My daughters just slip right out.

Jessabell said...

Wow! I don't think I'll struggle to find inspiration for hair-dos ever again! I now know exactly where to come. How long do you spend on average doing you're daughters' hair each day? They have beautiful hair by the way, it looks so glossy and well conditioned.


JOLENE said...

How fun....Happy Birthday to Lizzie!! It was sweet of you to do her hair for her special day and...as always...a beautiful "do" created!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I did this hair-do on my neice for a parade we were in. Everyone raved about her hair! Thanks!