Friday, July 31, 2009

Pulled through and twisted out!

Yikes!!!!!! Where have the days gone? I feel like I have been working and practicing the violin with my daughter and nothing else! That means it's time to make time. Does that make any sense?

This is actually yesterday's hair-do. We had stopped at a little convenient store after violin lessons to let my daughter pick out a treat for practicing so hard this week. Not to mention she had such a great attitude about it and wanted to only work on the things she actually needed work on. Most of the time it seems like they want to take the easy way out...but she really wants to learn. She has done gymnastics and ballet and this is the first thing she has actually really loved:) She talks about it all the time and we practice 6 days a week. Well it was so cute, because we were standing next to 2 teenage girls and one of them said "that has to be one of the coolest hair-dos I've ever seen in my life". My daughter thought it was the coolest thing that TEENAGE girls liked her hair:)
We started with regular ol' piggy tails.
Next we did a pull through knot on each side.
Take the hair from the ponytail and split it into 2 pieces.
Using those 2 sections twist both sections out. (The left one left and the right one right.)

Twist until tight and hook with an elastic. We repeated this 2 more times. You may need more or less depending on how long your daughter's hair is.
We curled under the ends and added some hair things.
Close-up/Side View
Side View
Close-up from the front
An adorable front view! I think I just might die without her:)
For fun we threw in a picture of how her nails looked today!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A birthday do....for Liza Loo!

Today is my daughter's best friend's birthday! If you are a regular follower you will recognize her cute face! If not you can see her now here! Today she Turns 8. So I would like to wish her a Happy 8th Birthday! My daughter slept over at her house and got to attend her birthday party and now today a couple of the girls get to go to a fun place called Kangaroo Zoo! I am so glad they are friends. You know how you don't always like your kids friends? Well I actually LOVE Lizzie:) So I feel lucky that they are friends!

She had her family party and I asked her mom ( and my good friend Dawn) if I could do her hair! I gave Lizzie a few choices and this is what she picked!

I started out by making a part from one ear to the other and pulling the hair forward.
Then I slipped the headband over the part. (see my other hairdo similar to this one)

I took a section of hair from both sides of the headband and pulled it up over the headband.
Then I took that piece of hair and tied it into a knot.

Next I clipped it down and out of the way with a barrette.
I did one more on the left and 2 more off to the right side.
After I took the barrettes out I hooked them all together in the back with an elastic.
I curled the hair out and tied a ribbon around the elastic.
Top View
Better View of the front
Side View
And of course...last but not least a front view. Happy Birthday you beautiful girl you! Hope all of your birthday Wishes come true.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Princess Jeweliana- A Barbie do!

This hairdo comes from Barbie as the Island Princess. Princess Jeweliana has this simple do in the movie. I had a hard time finding a picture of the back of her head during the movie so I didn't post one! My daughter LOVES all of the Barbie movies. Sadly enough...Yes we do own all of the barbie movies. Although this one is not my favorite of them.

My daughter's hair is not nearly as long or thick as the girls in the movie, but it was so simple and my daughter really wanted me to do her hair like I did:)

Part the hair down to the ear on each side and braid them.

Connect the 2 braids in the back and then braid that piece too.

Grab all of the hair and pull it down so it is a ponytail, but not a tight ponytail.
Then I curled it under and tied bows around the elastics to cover them up.
Front picture! This was taken months ago. When she was still my kindergarten baby:) Am I the only one taking first grade so hard? Or do other moms cry thinking about their daughter growing up?