Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Simple 3 into 1

This is one we did about a week or so ago. I love complex...but nothing beats simplicity. This is just three basic braids tied into one.

I can't stand how cute she is. I love doing her hair. I can't help myself.

First I started by making a part down the middle of her head and then down to the middle of her ear on each side.

Next I made three sections on each side and braided them. Giving me a total of six braids. As you can tell in the picture I only braided them each a few inches. Then I hooked them together with a small elastic. Repeat on both sides. Now take those pieces and braid them and hook together in the back.

I like to take the braids and flip them in front of her head and spray the hair down so it lays nice and flat for when you bring the braids back over.

This is the best close-up I got a picture of. I wish I would've taken a close-up from the side.

Curl the ends under. ( I always do this. Her hair isn't done until it's curled under) I chose not to put any accessories in her hair. The elastics match her outfit and I thought by not adding a hair thing it added to the simple elegance of the style.

Front view of completed product. My pictures do not do this justice. It really was quite beautiful.

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