Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Triple, Tripled braids

Before you check out today's hair-do make sure you check out my giveaway going on right now for some really adorable hair bows from Chic Clips!!!

This was a very simple hair style that doesn't take alot of know how to do. Not to mention tomorrow I will be posting Day-2 of this hair-do. Who doesn't love a hair-do that you can get 2 days out of?.............................Well I do anyways:)

First Start by parting the hair down behind her ear on both sides and pulling the rest into a ponytail.

Part out a section in the middle and pull out of the way.
Braid the remaining sections on both sides into 3 braids.
Next braid the 3 braids into 1 braid.

After you do this on both sides use the middle section to do the same thing.
Use all 3 braided braids and hook together in the back.

Cover the elastic with an accessory (this one is from All Things Ribbon) and curl the ends under.

Top View

Back/Side View
Side View
Front View with a sweet smile(I think this was a forced smile)!!!
Not Hair related, but I had to throw this picture in:) This is my Sugar Practicing her violin. Today was the very first day she got to hold her Bow AND her violin and use them together! We have been having alot of fun with practicing the last few weeks!


Brandie said...

Adorable blog! Great giveaway! Have a great day SIST-ah! Come and see me, too!

Lisa Anne said...

Hello Sist-ah! And this is the reason I want a girl. I love hair and braids. I'm going to learn a lot from your blog, so I joined it as a member. Feel free to join mine. I'm gonna join your contest. Can't wait to see the day after hair!!

Unknown Mami said...

Her hair looks great.

Lady Di said...

Wow, unfortunately my 3yr. old girl is spice and not sugar so her sitting through all that hair-doing is next to impossible. It is a shame because she has beautiful, long, curly hair, which she is just content to keep in a very natural, wild, "I am woman her me roar" look. I'm not giving up, I love doing her hair when I can nab her, so I'll keep checking in for new ideas.

Spirit Jump said...

another great look :) Keep em coming!

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WhisperingWriter said...

Stopping by from SITs.

I LOVE that hairstyle. Beautiful.

Jonny & Melissa Holmes said...

You look like a natural on the violin! And your hair looks great too:) xoxo, Auntie Missy

Anonymous said...

I love the violin picture. I really want my kiddos to learn an instrument. I never did and really wish I had.