Monday, June 8, 2009

Giveaway Winners and Double Weaved X Twists

So I guess we'll start with the giveaway winners!!! Thanks to anyone who participated or helped spread the word. I will be starting part 2 of my summer giveaway sometime in the next week, so make sure to come back and check it out!

The winner of the $25 Gift card goes to.....(drumroll)...#6 The Lines Family!
You did not leave any contact info. Please e-mail me with an address to send the gift card. (you have until Wednesday on June 10th 11:59pm otherwise I will draw a new winner).

I had several people post about my giveaway but only 1 person say who sent them. So the $10 gift card goes to...Meeghan @ Thanks for posting about my giveaway. Now onto the hair!

This is day 2 of the last hair-do I had posted. She had actually slept in it and we just took out the elastics holding the x's in place.

We left in the original 6 ponytails (see here). I took a small comb and sprayed the sections and combed the frizzy parts down smooth.

Next I took one of the front ponytails and put 2 twists in it securing them with elastics. Repeat on the other side.

Take the 2 twists on the left side and cross them over and secure them to second ponytail on the right side.

Take the first twist and weave it under and then over the 2 secured twists.

Do the same thing with the second twist. But this time weave them opposite of the first twist. So you will go over and then under.

Now secure those twists the same as you did the first 2. Take out the remaining twists from the new sections. It should look like this.

Repeat the same thing with the bottom section.

When I got to the bottom ponytails I only did 1 twist on each side. Secure each with an elastic.

Next I tied them in a regular knot by wrapping one twist around the other.

Then I secured it with an elastic.

Now it is time for some hair bling, or whatever sort of accessories you want to add. She wanted something fancy because it was memorial day and we were going to put flowers on Grandma's grave.

Back View

Front/Side View

Last but not least..after that very long post...the Front view


Chic-Clips said...

very cute! might I add Nice Hair!

Lines Family said...

Your daughter's hair is beautiful. I emailed you with my information. Please let me know if there is anything else you need. Thank you!

Zajcha said...

awwwwwww so sweet - your Daughter looks very angelic in that picture. Hehe! I love her hair, it's so thick and a lovely colour.

Zajcha from Herbie Hair by Zajcha

klynch said...

how long does that take and does she sit still for how long it takes to do?
very cool