Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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I am calling this hair-do Criss-Cross-Goulash because it had so much going on. I just couldn't decide what to name it. Isn't Goulash just a recipe with whatever you can find thrown in together? That's kind of what this hair-do is. It has French braids, criss cross ponytails and a messy bun all combined into one. Is this name dorky? If you have any suggestions on a better name, I more than welcome them:)

First I parted a section off to the side going down to her ears on both sides, then pulled the rest back to keep it out of the way.

Then I did a french braid on each side.

Next I made 3 small ponytails behind the french braid.
I made one more ponytail on each side adding the french braids into them. That makes a total of 5 directly behind the french braids.
Then I made 3 more small pony tails underneath the first ones.

I split the ponytails in 2 and added them to the ponytails off to the sides. Kind-of in a triangle shape.

See picture because I am horrible at trying to explain this part!!!
I made another 3 ponytails and repeated the above step.
See how the x in the middle is underneath the criss-crosses? This is how I like it to look, so when I criss-crossed the bottom row I started with the middle pieces.

At this point I just combined all of the hair and pulled it into a ponytail.
Instead of pulling her hair all the way through for a ponytail, I only pulled it half-way to give it this messy bun look. Then I added my accessory and hairspray.

Back View

Side View

Top View
And as always, my favorite View.....From the Front.
By the way....this was her on her last day of Kindergarten. Makes me want to cry again just thinking about it!


carma said...

Looks amazingly complex. Fortunately my son will never be requesting this hairdo or I would need to study it for days...

Stopping by to say "hi" and welcome you to SITS. I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers!
carma :-)

JOLENE said...

She looks like a lovely Cleopatra!!! What a cutie!!!

robynandjaredplus5 said...

That is so cute.

Shanda said...

Wow, I'm not sure if I'm more amazed that you do all of that or your daughter sits and lets you! My beauty decided last year she was ready to do her own hair...I miss all of the fun styles we used to do!

You were above me in roll call today at SITS - have a great Thursday!

TuTu's Bliss said...

I still can't frenchbraid but this time when little went to ballet she had an "almost" perfect ballet bun. I kept redoing it and thinking if mom's can do amazing hair art I can do a bun. I didn't give up this time!! I hope you enjoyed the linky loving the other day. Thanks, Jen

Strommer Family said...

Just a hair blog follower and this is absolutely one of the most beautiful styles I've ever seen!! Love it!! ;)

lyndsie said...

This hair do looks really complex! I can never do ones like that! But for those of you who are not as awesome at doing hair, check out my website at! Thanks!!!