Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Slanted Frenchbraids

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I am going to start off by saying I am not the best at french braiding and I am horribly slow at it to boot. So please do me a favor and look at the concept of this hair-do...NOT how well the french braids are done.

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First I parted her hair all the way around her head and pulled the hair out of the way. I put the bottom half in a ponytail to keep it secured while I worked with the top half of hair.

Then I took the hair from the top and took it out of the clip. i parted it slightly off to the side and combed it so it would lay nice.

Part out a section from the middle part on the left side of her head. then start an inside out french braid.

Always add the hair to the top strand crossing over. Each time you add some hair only add it from the top.

Continue doing this around her head until you are on the other side.

When it gets to the other side keep braiding the hair to the bottom of her hair using a regular 3-strand braid. It will look like this when you are done with the top section.

I pulled the braid out of the way and then did the same thing with the hair that was in the ponytail. You could always start from the bottom and do that piece first, then the top section. Now that I am thinking about it...it probably would have been easier that way.

This is how it looks after both sections have been braided.

I bobby pinned the loose section on the sides so it would hold this part in.

I did the same thing on the top.

I covered the bobby pins with a flower clip. Then put a new elastic on the braids to hold them together to look like one. I also slid 1 bobby pin through the braids to hold them together better.
Then I took out the original elastics and flipped the bottom of the braid through it.

This is a little better picture from the right side.

Here is a close-up from the left side where I started the braids at.

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JOLENE said...

I love the french braids, Aunt Kathleen used to french braid my hair when I was little.....I wish my hair was as thick as Yanna's!!! Great Job Callie!

Deborah said...

i am stunned by your hair skills! your daughter looks brilliant everyday! Amazing!

Kaibee said...

You have really nice hairstyling skills!!! I m dumbfounded!