Friday, May 15, 2009

A pink accessory, with an outfit that finally matches!

So I really don't know what to call this one, but it was really cute.

Something funny about this pink hair thing...Santa gave it to me in my stocking for Christmas, actually he gave me a whole stocking full of hair stuff. Silly as it sounds, this is the first time I have ever used it. Four and a half months later. Partially because I have alot of hair things and partially because I couldn't find anything that was the same color pink. Until now anyway. She just got this outfit about a week ago and when I brought it home I realized it was a perfect match!!! YEAH!!!!!! I was so excited. I wanted it to be a basic style so you could get the whole effect of the hair thing without it being overwhelmed by the hair-do (does that make sense?).

Here are the accessories that I used to do this style. A hair doughnut, and a pretty pink hair thing. I bought the hair doughnut at a local hair supply store. It might have cost $3-$4, but I honestly cannot remember. If you are super frugal...and do not want to have to purchase one of these I have seen people use a rolled up sock. Actually I have done this myself and only bought one because my daughter was telling people she had a dirty sock in her hair! LOL!!! It's funny now, but it wasn't when people were asking me about it. See here or here for the sock version.

So I started this style with a high side ponytail. It doesn't matter which side. Pick the one you think best suits your daughters face. Then you just slip the hair doughnut (or sock) over the ponytail to the base.

Take the hair from the ponytail and spread it over and around to cover the Hair doughnut. I like to spray it with ton of hairspray at this point and get it looking nice. Then I take a ponytail holder and wrap it around the bun (as seen above).

Next I separate out the top section of hair and twist it up leaving the rest of the hair hanging down.

Then while continuing to twist the sectioned out piece I wrap it around the base of the bun to cover up the ponytail holder. Secure this piece with bobby pins. You can easily leave it like this, but I chose to slip the hair thing around the bun.

So between the angle of my pics and the hair thing you can't tell that the hair that was left down is curled...but it is.

TA DA!!!!! Okay, so if you made it through that extremely long post, for a not so difficult hair-do, you deserve an award.

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