Friday, May 29, 2009

Braided with two Braids

I really liked this. There was just something about it to me.

I felt a little bad when she was worried about riding her bike because the helmet would mess up her hair. You are obviously obsessed when your child is concerned about hair over play!

I just noticed I start alot of my hair-dos the same!!! Part the hair down the middle and then part out a small section up front from the part to the middle of her ear.

Then part a small section on the back side of the part like shown in the picture ( It really is true a picture is worth a thousand words... sometimes I can't seem to find the words that clearly explain what the picture does).

Braid both of the sections you parted out. tie them off with elastics. The middle will act as the middle strand of a braid.

Pretend like this is a regular braid by taking the two small braids and crossing them over each other in a X shape.

Then continue to braid them as you would any braid. Tie the end off with an elastic.

This is what it should look like. I then curled the ends under and tied a ribbon covering each elastic.
Back View.


The end result. Love it! But I love it all. Maybe it's all great ...or maybe SHE'S just great:).


LegalChic said...

That is cute! Your daughter has great hair :)


Maddie GIrl said...

Very cute and creative!

Anonymous said...

I tried this on my daughter last night. She has such thin hair that it didn't look as nice as it would have with thicker hair, but still cute! Have a great day!